Washington County Museum

Serving Washington County for 75 Years!

It is a celebration for all of Washington County. As you have read, the county museum is celebrating 75 years of existence. If Herman, Arlington, Blair, Fort Calhoun, or the countryside is what you call home, you should be proud of our museum and what and how it has transpired from its humble beginning in the old bank in Fort Calhoun, to the bank with two additions. The people of Washington County have worked hard to achieve the best county museum in Nebraska, and they should be proud of their accomplishment. This is not the end of the story, but the end of one chapter, as we begin another chapter of 75 years. We invite you to be active in whatever way you can, to help us continue to make our museum better each and every year. The effort of our board, many volunteers, helpers, and contributors make it all possible. I invite each of you to be one of these important members. As part of our 75 year celebration, as a goal we are striving to raise $75,000 and sign up 75 new members. Please help us to attain these goals.

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